A question regarding RAM

Well I went off to Fryes to spend Christmas gift cards and I was looking to enhance my RAM. Right now I am sporting 512 mb of the juice and was hoping to sum around 4-5. I need around that much for my home business and was wondering how my two slot compy can hold that much? I saw 1g RAM sticks, but I only have two ports for RAM so how do I stuff 4g’s in its greedy little fingers? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


depending on how much your computer’s mobo supports.
I think

I think Ongodsgreen already mentioned that.
He/she (forgive me but I pressume he, grrrls usually don’t go X-masshopping for RAM) mentioned 2 slots for RAM.
So I guess you can ask yourself “how old is my moboard?”.
Will it accept DDR,EDO, whatever is on now?
Is it possible to combine one with the other? A question of mine actually.
I’ve seen sticks of 1gig so if you can 2gig sticks you can buy two, but I don’t know if they exist.
Moboards go cheap nowadays, so if it’s a no-go you might as well toss over an extra few €€’s.
That way you can go for a 800Mhz FSB and 1MB L2 Cache, which is really cheap nowadays.

Well to demystify my demeanor I must report I am both male and American so the whole euro currency and gender mishap was quite a laugh. But back to the moboard, whewre can I find one? Because so far, that is my only option I can guesstimate. Thanks for the info though!


First of all, i suggest you do not get it from Fry’s, they are insanely overpriced, and the people that work there usually don’t know what they’re doing. I suggest you get your stuff from newegg.com, unless you have a problem ordering stuff online, but newegg has great prices, and i have bought almost everything in my comp from there. If you can’t order stuff online, then have fun with your Fry’s stuff. : :smiley:

So, to upgrade my computer to, let’s say 6 gigs of RAM, I need to purchase a new mother board, correct? This of course is including the RAM sticks as well, but does that mean I have to replace my old motherboard? I would wish there was a way to just upgrade RAM the way we upgrade memory with external hardrives. Sigh. Thanks, I checked on newegg and it did indeed have better prices. Thanks!


Standard motherboard for a standard pc can only go up to a maximum of 4GB.

If you desperately need so much RAM, Which 2GB or even 4BG is easily enough for anything. Even a home business.

If you desperatly need more RAM than 4GB. Then get a server, they can go up to 16GB on one of those.

Kinda right, but rather misinforming, as I have a comp right here that can handle 16gigs and is most definately not a server. (I built it myself, so I should know ;))

32bit CPU + Modern Mobo = 4gigs
64bit SINGLE CORE CPU + Modern Mobo = 8gigs
64bit DUAL CORE CPU + Modern Mobo = 16Gigs

I’m pretty sure you can get 4gig dimms for modern mobos, and you should use directron. Newegg gave me a major hard time trying to return a mobo that had blown the two gfx cards, and then fried itself, so they aren’t that good. They may have slightly better prices, but directron is just a much friendlier place.

digital_me wrote:

Kinda right, but rather misinforming, as I have a comp right here that can handle 16gigs and is most definately not a server. (I built it myself, so I should know )

What I said could be mis informing if you read it wrongly.

Digital_me your pc wouldnt be called a standard pc, that you get out of a box.

Maybe I should of said get a custom built pc, then you can have 16GB of RAM. Than a server.

check out www.dabs.com they have low prices for hardware, and the service is pretty good.

Standard PCs support up to 16GB Ram:


Apple Macs dont count :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, you can buy almost the same pc on alienware, obviously doesn’t come with 16gigs of ram, but you can install it. I just decided to build it myself so I could save some $$$ and get it the way I wanted.

look around for things. if you look hard, you can find ultra high end servers that might support 32gb.

read : intel (shudder) itanium 2. all at the low low cost of ~$250,000

if your mobo onloy has 2 slots it probably only supports 2gb.

digital me; they probably do make 4gb sticks, but most motherboards only officially support 4gb

The amount of RAM you can hold on a pc depends on how large your address bus is.

And the amount of slots you got :wink:

windows 32 bit = maximum for ANY computer = 4gb

whats motherboard model & chipset

Most INTEL mobos. AMD mobos support 16 gigs with the correct processor and OS.

i am an amd fan and i hate intel… dont really know why



4 x DIMM, max. 4GB, DDR 400/333/266, ECC, non-ECC, un-buffered memory
Dual Channel Architecture

what kinda board you got in that thing?

perhaps one of these?

I’m pretty sure that my mobo supports at least 8gigs (maybe more, I’ll check the manual if I can find it), but I think it has been agreed on elsewhere that 16gigs is what you get with a dual core amd 64 and a mobo that supports it.

i know that unless you have win x64 you can only have 4gigs of ram.
with x64 its some insane number liike 256gb…