A Question Using Lattices and Curves

hullo all,

I just got the new Blender CVS with curve deforming and i tried to animate it with a curve parented to a Suzanne. it turns out i can’t.

or rather, im not using the correct method.

ive tried using relative curve keys as well as IPOs

how do i animate this?

ive found out that lattices work in much of the same way as this

All assistance is greatly appreciated


Try to parent the other way round.

i can deform my meshes nicely, but i cant animate the deformation over x number of frames.

i just dont know the method, but i can deform…


You mean vertex keys. Enter edit mode, press “I” and select Curve/Lattice. Then go forward in the timeline, modify your curve/lattice, and insert more curve/lattice keyframes.

i tried this (see first post…)

or at least i think i did…

(/me goes off to try again…)



i know why they didnt show up in the action editor now

i didnt have [relative keys] turned on

okay, solved my problem