a question

(snowy_duck) #1

hey all anyone know how to make advanced ai in logic bricks? i don’t know python :frowning: but anybody know? i know i know the reference manual says not to make ai in logic bricks but hey i don’t know anything else. anybody want to help?

(belac) #2

this isn’t much help to you, but you’ll have to use python. i have tried to do some level of A.I. with a racing game without any luck. so i had my friend do the python for me… find someone you know who will help you out… you’ll find that python isn’t all that hard to use or learn.


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(gargola) #3

i don’t even know how to load a python script on Blender. :frowning:

(steve343) #4

i dont either do you have to have python installed or something i cant find an documentation on it please someone tell us from step 1

(gargola) #5

or at least tell us where is a tutorial on how to do it.anybody,please? :slight_smile:

ps:i got python installed.steve343 if you need help installing it,contact me. :slight_smile:

(overextrude) #6

Try this:


(gargola) #7

hey! wait a minute,what is that C-key i read on the tutorial??? if you don’t have it,you can’t use python scripts on blender???

(digitalSlav) #8

c-key used to be a license for the program. they got rid of it and later moved on to make publisher for a licensed version. only us old blender farts know of the c-key days :smiley:

(valarking) #9

hmmm, how to make ai? now, would you like that answer in how many dozens of pages? :wink: seriously, if you want to learn ai programming, STFW