A Question!

Hey I am still kinda new to Blender and i need to know something…
I have created an object in layer1…and another one in layer2…
How can i make them both be in layer1?


Select the object on layer 2 and hit m. After that you can select on which layers does the object belong to. Select layer 1 and hit ok. Note that you can put an object on multiple layers at once if you like to.

Alternative way to do this is to use the Buttons Window. Select the object (you can even use the outliner for this) and go to “Object” main context and “Object buttons” subcontext (first of the subcontexts). Find “Draw” panel in it. You should see “Layers” user interface control there. Just select the layers on which the object should belong to.

Third option would be to write a script but I think you might be able to manage with the two first ones. At least for now. :wink:

Thanks A Lot!

press 1 on keyboard then shift press 2 and the two layers will be in your window

Or you could just press ` which is the same key as the tilde ~ to view all layers at once.

Duh. I forgot totally about the shortcuts. You can access layer 11-20 by using alt while pressing the number key. For example shift-alt-9 would add layer 19 to group of active ones. Note that number keys (above alphabetical keys) and numpad keys are not considered the same thing in case of Blender. Numpad keys can be used to control the orientation of the currently active viewport.

If you enable “Emulate Numpad” option in the User Preferences, number keys will function for viewport control instead. This can be useful if you are using a laptop or similar device.