A Question!

Hey I want to create a game…But i will be asking a lot of questions how to…
Question Nu.1)I created a model of a ninja with a big sword…How can i make the sword collision with other objects?:confused:

it cannot if it is using an armature to move it.

add an empty, and parent it to your armature as an object (dont select bone)

place the empty where the sword will be when you are slashing.

Use a action actuator, with the property option set, and a property for your frames in the animation.
When the animation reached where he should be hitting something, have the empty add a invisible cube with the property “sword” or something like that…
now your enemys should have a collision sensor that looks for the sword property, and have it remove the health value, or the kill sequence.

you can use the same method with any type of melee attack .

Ok i get it,but i am kinda new so i will try althought i dont realy know hot to even use animations in game…:no:So anyways thanks for the help guys i’ll try to do my best…:wink:

And if anyone has some time can he maybe quickly tell me how to use animations…:spin:

Anyways T.H.X Guys.

If you’re animating using an armature (with bones) you need to use the Action actuator to play back the animation.

Ok i did that…:o.But there when i assign armature to action there is :
What must i write in there?In AC…???:spin:
OOO…I forgot…what number should it be in:


ac stands for Action
and it is the name of the current action for the currently selected object

the action name here is Name

notice name isn’t as Name …




when there is an idle movement that is being played , and you want to start another one <some one is standing and you press space and the space makes him jump > blending is used to eliminate the jittering between the two actions and blend them more smoothly …

i recommend using 5 as blending

Thanks 3DGuru and all other guys…:o
With your help and with reading a tutorial on using animations in game i finally figured it out.:smiley: