A quick 4 minute tip that might have passed some Blender users by....

Are you tired of having to press the B key to perform a marquee style border selection?


Perhaps try this little tweak (pardon the pun) to the settings! Further important details regarding deselection can be seen at the 4 mins 26 seconds point of this video…

it lasts for about 4 minutes.

By the way, i’m not sure the specific time link share is working so the video might start at the beginning. As I say you can skip to 4 mins 26 seconds.

Have you got other little interface tweaks that you do that you might like to share? Please do! I for one am always looking for more! :slight_smile:


Nothing new to add … but many thanks for this, very useful.

Very interesting. Think I’ll try that for a while.

oh yess !

many many thanks for this.

I’m gonna try this. It would be ideal if we can have a “standard” mode of selection (I mean the same as most of other softwares)

Thanks for the comments! I’ve got a few more I think you might like, i’ll try to dig them out. :slight_smile:

I am using for a long time this way of selecting, and suggest you to change the type of activation to “Click” (default value is set to “Press”), otherwise it will select unwanted items located outside the border.


thanks for sharing, just to be clear though the operator that I am referring to is the select_border operator not the select operator which is what you have made your change to.

goes to show there’s a good few ways of tweaking the standard selection.

anyone have any more they’d like to share? :slight_smile:

More accurately I’m talking about this:

Ah-ha, so that’s the trick. Thanks.

Is there a 4 min tip something that might … or a tutorial on the basics?

Ah, Nanomanpro, sorry for not posting sooner I understand what you mean now, thanks for the effort to share that out and that is a good tip too! :slight_smile:

I’ll be incorporating that! :smiley:

My pleasure. I’m waiting for more useful tips :stuck_out_tongue:

That did indeed pass me by. Thanks for the very useful tip!