A quick ? about texture painting

I have been trying to paint a tee shirt for a model I did. I get everything set up to paint the uv and all I can paint seems to be the alpha. There has to be something simple I’m doing wrong, but for the life of me I cant figure it out.
The photo shows what Im coming up with. The painted areas are suppose to be green. Im trying to paint a shirt like a Packers jersey.
But all I seem to get is the alpha.
Any help?


The image is of very little help in determining what you are doing wrong. Attach your blend file to your post and ensure that all textures are packed in your blend file (File / External Data menu entry). Also ensure that when you save your blend you enable the compress tickbox so the blend file is not too large.

Thanks Richard,
I have to run right now. but I will do that later today.
Thanks again,

Well I figured out how to fix the problem, but I have no idea what it did to fix it. I went to user prefs. and loaded the factory settings, and that fixed it. But I would still like to know what happended. If someone can tell me I would be greatly pleased. I keep trying to attach the blend file, but I guess its to big. 4.5 meg.