A quick demo

(Pooba) #1

I’ve put this together really quick just to show you what i’m working on. Download here

Tell me what you think!


(ndnchief) #2

Very nice model, one of the nicer ones I have seen for gameBlender, looks like it has strong possibilities, to be a game that keeps your interest. Plus she has a nice figure too! LOL! Keep it up POOBA, Great Game model, Good initial movement, Hell I ran around for about half an hour. Some serious, joint distortion, but I understand it is a WIP, anyway I Like…

NDNChief, Forum Regular, OOORAH!!!

(digitalSlav) #3

nice work old chap! but… i would make the jump higher… also i would make the head and nexk a full seperate piece to eliminate the weird bend in the neck that gives her an adam’s apple when she turns her head to the side. the bends were pretty warped but i think the neck is the worst one. can’t wait to see it all textured up instead of the bad shade job produced by the engine. also i don’t know about the diagonal movement… i’d probably get rid of it and stick to the main motions unless you really have a need for it in your game.

just some little gamer suggestions can’t wait to see what you do with it! in a real level that i dont fall through the floor every couple secs :slight_smile:

(gryphon) #4

I too must say great work Pooba. The walk/strafe cycles are almost flawless, and the character is great too.

Can’t wait to see it as it progresses!