A Quick Dragon

Just trying to get feedback on a dragon I plan on submitting to the Blender Art Magazine

I’ll try to put up a link later to a HD ratio picture once it finishes rendering.

Nice, very shiny and glass-like that you can’t see the form really well in places.

I could see a large version of that made out of glass for real and standing proudly in the main foyer of a home

Thank you. I appreciate the complement, I will see what I can do about re-positioning him so more of his form can be seen

Yep, it’s a nice render but you hardly see what it is. What exactly you try to show? As otherwise you can reduce the transparency. Is it just me or does he have a broken wing finger and broken right feet? But maybe it’s just the back pointing claw looking like being the middle front facing one. It’s hard to tell.

I agree with it being somewhat hard to make out. But I like the dragon himself a lot. The glass was a nice touch, if a bit hard to make out in this current pose.

Is the material reflective as well? That would add to the confusion.

usually the main point of a dragon is the head, which i cant make out, plus it is a bit small, scale it up and make it all stand out a bit better, make some parts metal?

Cyborg Dragon: How typical of you to comment on this thread :slight_smile:

Back on subject, that looks AWESOME! thumbs up! I love the material.

Why should the head be the main point on a dragon? :confused:

You don’t see a lot of animals with giant heads to act as the main point of the animal, your own head isn’t the largest part of your body.

Though usually the head is one of the most complex animal features to create in 3D because of all the modeling and material work needed for both the form of the head and the inside of the mouth, the complexity of creature heads can be somewhat higher than human heads.

Thank you everyone. I agree that the dragon is a little hard to make out in this pose especially with the material being both glass and reflective. I think that the details are truly noticed when you are seeing it animated or a in a really large picture.

I tried to render an HD one to put up yesterday but it took most of the day to render, so here it is today! :slight_smile: I will try to put one up with a different pose and some slight changes in the material and lighting tomorrow. Thank you all again for your advice



For me animations are much more important than the head. Especially with dragons the head is over-done anyways ( try putting cameras in the right place and see how much you “see” from the world… big (negative) surprise ). Body language is more important unless you make a still shot of the head close up.