A quick question about modelling and surface color.

Hey all
OK I will confess I have not got the surface editor of blender really down. I don’t completely understand the basic ideas of it. However I do have a quick question. Can an object have two different colors (or surfaces) assigned to it. Let’s say you wanted to make a small object and a couple vertexes had to be “red” and the rest had to be “black” Can you do this in Blender? (It hasn’t stopped me too muhc because I have been just creating more ojbects but it is kind of annoying.) Can’t Blender define surfaces? or is that a ligthwave only thing?
Oh and one other thing if you guys know of any good surface and texture guides I would like to check them out. (The basic manual hasn’t helped me as much as I would have liked)
BlackManta :Z

Yes this is acheived quite easily. In blender these ‘surfaces’ are colored using materials. First create a material that will cover most of the object. In the edit buttons there is a box that will say something like 1 Mat: 1. Click the New button under this and select the vertices (in actuallity you will want to select faces) that will use the new color and click Assign. Go back to the material settings and next to the name of the material there should be a 2. Click on this to make the material have single material. Then change this material to the second material you want.

YOU are awsome thanks soo much
I apprecieat it, I was sure there had to be a way to do it!

So the manual won’t help you? Look again:

You may have up to 16 different materials on one object (which really is a pitty that this number is so limited. Radiosity would benefit so much from more materials…).

The section about texture is not so bad either :wink: