A quick question...

How many of you think my A132 robot is creepy or scary even?

I ask cause I’ve had people tell me sh looks scary. And I modeled her to look more like a cute mischeivous (innocent) female robot then to look scary.
So is she scary?

If you train the user to it, and if the robot does good things, then there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Ensure that Asimov’s rule of robotics apply diligently and you will be fine.

Hehehe…yeah well asimov’s laws of botics don’t generallyapply to her.
She has an almost exact copy of human intelligence, emotion, and so on.

However tweaking was done to ensure that she was actually very kind, sweet, mischeivous, imaginative, and otherwise benign.

You can make her mad though. Just dont hit her to avoid that.
Otherwise this will happen.

But that’s rare :smiley:

No, not scary at all. Come to think of it, I met her in a town called Stepford, she was just like all the others!

Hehehe!!! That is Mentel Industries tech for you. They look, act, and think like humans.

In fact so well they could be considered as human (no wonder we had all those spies come in that day :eek:)

strangely she looks like a girl in my church. No not the one I like. Another one.

Rather unsuprisingly, the second picture looks like what could happen to you if you are rude to “the one you like”.

Oh? Maybe.

([email protected]? Is that you?!)

It is me. I had the username changed in the process of trying to make all my Blender related usernames match…

Ah okay.

Anyways. Yeah I guess (but I try not to be rude. Can’t stand it myself to be honest.)

Cue the music please…
“If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you hit” :slight_smile:


Oh well. Anyone else think she’s scary?

Not really but needs work. :wink:

But it is a good model. :smiley:

What needs work?

Sorry, that was not supposed to be taken to mean that you are rude.:no: I was just teasing you… :evilgrin:

I know. No harm done. :smiley:

I think the whole thing looks great except the… er… chest/ribcage area looks strange. :S :stuck_out_tongue:

it does look a bit uncanny, but that is almost inherent in making a humanoid robot. if you want to avoid negative reaction, make it look like a real human.

I know what uncanny valley is.

What I’m trying to do is make her look like a robot but have a sort of human like appearance.

Basically, you know she’s a robot. But you can almost imagine what she’d look like if she were a human.

I can make a human version though just to see what she’d look like :smiley:

That’s just the makehuman mesh.

I was going to make one from scratch. But it didn’t come out right.