A quick tip to fix shadow maps problem like peter panning[not really a question]

This is not really a question but just me feeling to share some tips after watching remedy’s new game
, Control running on Nvidia RTX with ray-tracing

5:00 mark the video highlighted a long running problem with an object’s shadow map with biases to detach from itself making it look like it’s (peter pan) floating

So here I’d like to share some simple tips on how I solve this

The generic method for static object like building/tree/mountain is to position it below ground or drag it’s bottom vertices downward, so their shadow have more leverage before it detaches

This vertex dragging won’t work right out of the box for a dynamic object like player, a separate lower polycount mesh is therefore required to mess with it’s shadow

That’s it for today, feel free If you guys wanna share some other tips for shadow map related problem :smiley: cheers