A quick way to make 2.8 feel as close to 2.7 as possible?

I mean interface, keys and viewpot interaction? A quick way with a setup file or something?

I switched it back to right click , loved it since 2002 release but everything else still seems monstrously inconvenient to me. I am trying to force myself with 2.8 for pretty a while already and it still feels pretty much like 3d max . I am already paying for one so thanks. I know Autodesk makes soft for aliens from another planet, with some special perception of what’s “artist friendly” is.
And Blender had always been a beacon of simplicity , a hope with its key based efficiency and interface elegance. Never had to read a line from its manual , so simple and self explaining it always was.

And why I am getting slower viewport in 2.8 ? Is it normal and expected to be that way?

Was quite similar for me, but meanwhile I managed to make it behave as close to 2.7 so that the differences don’t bother me anymore. Not aware of a quick way, though. If someone else created a good settings file for that purpose, you could just use that.

Giving you mine would probably not help you, because my 2.7 was heavily tweaked, so what I have is setting making it behave like my 2.7 setup, not the 2.7 default settings.