a quik ? about normals

can a plane be two sided? I like modeling in blender but I prefer to texture in 3dcoat. when I export to fbx or obj, my planes are only one sided. I can use solidify to make it two sided, but it doubles the meshes geometry. idont want that.

Depends of the application you are using.
Does 3d coat permit adding a different texture to each side of a plane. It shoudln’t make any different which format you use, a plane is a plane.
In blender for example you can apply a different texture to the front and back of a plane with the use of the geometry material node.

not sure that answered my question. but thanks for the fast response.

A plane in blender only has one face so you can’t have two different textures on it without workarounds. You’ll have the same UV for both sides.

What’s wrong with increasing geometry though? It shouldn’t really be a problem, especially if you’re using stuff like planes…