a quik ? about texture painting

Why does sometimes when I texture paint, as I am painting it shows up on the object and sometimes it doesnt? I have to be clicking something, bur I dot know what.
I have unwrapped my object.
made a new uv image and saved it.
I have made a new material and a new texture using the saved image.
I can paint on my object but I cant see it happening. If I save my image, after doing so, come out of texture paint mode into object mode, I see what I have just painted.
Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

well…I guess I didnt explain what my problem was to a degree that everyone would know what I was talking about. No one has responded.
I’m using 2.65.1 32bit and still having the problem.
Can some one help me? Pleas feel free to ask questions. I may not be smart enough to know how to tell you what the problem is.

I think I have found the solution. It seems as long as the object does not have a material or texture applied to it, it will just use the uv image as a texture. And as you paint on it in texture paint, you can see it happening on the object. Add the texture and material to the object and I can no longer watch the painting happening on the object. But it does show up on the uv image. Save the image and it shows up in the texture.
Tell me this is right. It seems to work for me anyway.

after further testing, that is not the case. darn