a quite different spoon


here is the digital rendering:

and here is the final piece made out of silver and found objects:

da blender is great for that type of work.


OMG,Thats so freaken crazy :o
very interesting concept tho and great modelling.


Holy Crap. This looks great, but something friggin crazy about it. Maybe a prop for one of those wacko horror movies. Rob Zombie’s next full length feature.

that is just part of my MFA work.

the spoon is in deed the more painfull one while perfectly designed.

the fork is the coolest and most elegant one. the knife is kinda
crazy as well.

my mfa show is about consumption and flatware.
i just like he idea to combine flatware and drugs because it is so true.
drugs are so gloryfied and consumed even more today. the the crack models on TV :wink:

here is the work of the other pieces:

here is also an animation of the next object, soup spoon and pez dispenser for storing pills (pill abuse).


how the f do you think of this stuff?! :o

some pople ask me that and to be honest i think the idea is rather simple.

look flatware we use to eat and consume food so flatware can be seen as a symbol for consumption. with each element we eat different. knife we only cut fork we just pick up some food but with the spoon we load food and eat.
so there is also a quatity difference.

heroine and cocaine just screamed to be combined with knife and spoon.
the fork because of the four fins was perfect for the cigarettes.

all descissions where rather of a logial nature than creative to be honest.

I could see making a telephone call with that … :wink:

Ahem, sorry. It’s a very creative idea.

Yeah. Make a telephone series, with needles and other drug devices attached. Cell phones have saturated the market and the manufacturers are running out of ideas and gimmicks to sell them (they have every thing, except e heroin dispenser).