A.R.W. (All Round Worker)

It has been a long time since I opened Blender on my computer but I’ve never quit reading the posts and admiring the works here on Elysiun.

This is one I’ve been thinking about for a couple of months but never having time enough to start working and doubting if I could make it.

I’ve been working on him for the last two days (not all day of course), improving my skills solving the “technical problems”.

It is an all-round worker robot who happen to be all round ( a simple sphere when not working)

I have some funny movies with him in my mind but first I’ll have to finish him and rig him.


To do


  • a backwheel so he doesn’t tip over
  • “hands”
  • cameras (“eyes”)
  • add detail to some parts


  • hey about everything


  • what’s the easiest way to rig a robot? Different meshes or one mesh?



just finished his backwheel. Put him in some light setup and composod the different angles. a little more modelling and then it is off to texturing

C&C welcome

Interesting, so everything slides away to give a sphere.

last night I tried the first ways of rigging him by using simple constraints but that didn’t work out the way it should. I am gonna be reading the manual and trying a lot of different things today.

First wanna have a way of rigging him before I do any modelling or texturing (wanna be sure it can work).

to get me started I quickly composed this one ( A.R.W when closed) Target for today is to get him from pictures above to pictures below and vice versa in an easy way


if anybody got any got ideas for rigging, let me know

This is a really cool idea, is it going to have any features to give it emotion? Eye-like areas or anything?

his eyes/camera’s are stiil to be modelled and will be hidden behind those to red “doors” . Not sure if he will have a mouth (why would he use it) but I’ma thinking of it.

“Emotions” will come from the way he opens the “doors” and targets his eyes/camera’s. Have some idea’s about it to come.