A radio and a dancing lizard... our 2nd Blender animation

Hi! This is my first post to elysiun, although I’ve searched here for answers to Blender questions many a time :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d show you an animation I worked on with a friend, during our spare time as undergrads. I don’t think either of us is particularly artistic. We worked for a long time getting the animation frame-perfect, but haven’t spent that long on lighting and textures.

Here’s a low compression WMV, which works out at 9.5MB

If that’s too much for you to download, a higher compressed version is here at 3.9MB

Sorry about the video format - we had to use MS Movie Maker to add the sound & credits! Any thoughts on this project?

hehehe :smiley:
I like it! Nice work!!

Pretty good character animating… better than I could pull off, I think…

My crits would be: the rear feet of the lizzard are: 1) not touching the table when he’s standing on them, and 2) don’t face to the rear, but rather forward and to the sides. The other thought is to smooth out your camera motion, and have the lizard more in the view during the first part. Rather than have the camera motion start and stop, perhaps keep it moving slowly the whole time with “less sharp” transitions between fast movement and slow movement. Also, overall, the video, especially the lizard character, is rather dark.

Idea: maybe have a disco ball come down from above and shine sparkles around the scene? (…too much like famous “I Will Survive” dancing alien animation, I guess, maybe?)

Keep at it! Its coming along!

Cool, reminds me of my first animation, here: http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33156

Keep it up

Oh my thats fun to watch. Over all you can animate but you are lacking the after effects of each movement and the lil things (not so repetative) and makes it more beleiveable

None of the less it gave me a good luagh

I thought it was very cool, hey it’s 6 am here and it put a smile on my face before work. Thanks. :smiley:

Thanks for all the C&C. It’s really nice to have some feedback. I’m very aware that the character animation is too static at points. I changed the head in the “Staying Alive” movement quite late on, because we had it static and that looked too robotic. I guess the same principle applies to most things: never leave a bone not moving, never do exactly the same action twice(?).

mzungu: You’re right about his feet on the table, damn it! And we tried so hard to nail those feet down. I think this error must have crept in right at the end, when we’d already worked all the way through the project. The .blend is here (4MB), if anyone is interested.

About the back feet facing backwards. I originally modelled them forwards, and then turned them around because of the image I was copying. Taking a look at Google’s image search for ‘lizard’ suggests lizards vary on this point!

We thought about a disco ball, but
a) didn’t want to over-do it, and
b) didn’t know how to use the raytracer, and thought it would be a lot of work without.
Could have been a sophisticated touch, though :slight_smile:

I take the points about the camera being less stop-start. Something to bear in mind for next time, I guess.


cool i love the lizard. cool scene. btw, you can use a free software called virtualdub to add the soundtrack. it’s free and open sourced.

any chance of an mpg? or a divX?

hahahahahhahah :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

that’s really funny!
Congratulations for you !

Well, seeing as the feedback’s been good :). I figured out how to use transcode, and here’s a DivX version:

http://tom.cashman.name/blender/lizard.divx - 8.1MB

Recompressing the smaller file didn’t give a big drop in filesize, so I’d need to look at transcode’s compression parameters to get the filesize smaller. I hope this version is okay for everybody.