A Random Kitchen *Update 7/14*

Following this tutorial, I made my first ever photo-realistic kitchen!

Update 7/14: Pretty much got what I was looking for. Added it to the top post. Much better. Maybe I can play with lighting a bit, but now I have to make more detailed appliances.


Here’s an update. Better lighting and I added a fridge and changed the camera angle.


I need some help. Ok, so I know it’s grainy (don’t have much time before bed, needed to render it asap) and I know textures are messy and all, but that’s not the point of this.

Why are my cabinets up top looking like junk? Can’t find the problem there. Same with other areas, sink and stuff. Any ideas?


well that could be because its all far to shiny and glossy I think. Try turning down the specular and giving your cupboards a more matte look. Maybe you could bevel some of the sharp edges, on the fridge too. Also I would maybe add some different texture to the fridge, and smoother bump map because at the moment it looks like giant piece of cut out rock.

Just my take on it all.

Well all those material settings I did in the Yafray editor and the gloss wasn’t to high at all. I can lower it more and see how it works though …

Here is an update. A lot of the texturing is a lot better. Grainy cause it’s a quick render.

What’s happening with the cabinets on the right and the top-middle piece and the other weird areas on the far right?


Fixed some of my problems. But how do I get rid of this watered our area? I’ve played with lighting, moved them around and such, and can’t get rid of it. It doesn’t look realistic.


Here is an update. I fixed my watered out area problem. Now I just have to make the stove more detailed and add more appliances. Maybe fix the drawers, add a toaster and bread machine, cans and other stuff to make it look more like a used kitchen.


I think it is a bit dark but it is coming along nicely!

Yeah, it’s a little dark. Takes over an hour to do a full size good quality render, so next time I do some major changes I’ll knock that light up some :wink:

Nice work! Feel a bit gloomy over the dim environment, though.

It could be early mourning and it’s just getting light out :slight_smile:

Could you possibly explain your lighting setup here (the white kitchen)? I like the minimal look.

Lol, Found this tut yesterday and thought that i’d give it a try, It took me about 2 1/2 hours to render mine last night :frowning:

It’s coming along nicely, alot better than mine :(.

May I suggest handles on the cupboards and maybe another light source (such as under the upper cabinet or a light hanging from the ceiling

The white render is called a clay render and renders in about half of the time that a textured one does, Thus making it a good choice if you want to see how the lighting and camera angle look