a random thought process i thought i'd share.

puts pc mouse down to do something really quickly

does thing

wonders where he put his mouse

thinks “i should ask facebook. they might know. they know everything about every one.”

*then thinks “yeah right! still… the chances are probs better than winning the lottery!”

*continues with thought - “i’d actually like to see the math on that one. bet thems some good stats”


Maybe join my animation? That would give you alot of work :smiley:

view it here: http://projectsackboy.webs.com/

sure im game. what do you need? my skill set is as follows:
composer with semi pro recording set up
(some) Adobe packages (but im not that adept at them quite yet. i spent most of my time on blender)
And i have just started using Sculptris so i am able to do some concepts too.

A job you want eh? Well I’ll give you a job :slight_smile:
How about a 800 word anaysis on Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
I want it done by noon :slight_smile:
Thanks for the offer!

EDIT: Oh and I forgot the link :stuck_out_tongue: silly me

haha smart arse! i dont need 800 words. I’ll give you nine…wait…lemme count…

If you haven’t experienced it, you dont know it.

essay done. can i get back to blender now?

@deadparrot I have a weekly email I send out to those working on the animation
If you truly want to work on it, send me an email at [email protected] and Ill send you the Storyboard, as well as the weekly update, and also please sign up for the website that I provided so that we can keep proper documentation on those working on it :smiley:

ok, do you have specific tasks needed to be done and how do you allocate them?

i’m a huge fan of the Wreckamovie.com process and noticed that you dont actually have an area on your website where you have compiled a workpool of needed and completed work. perhaps that would be something to think about.

mind you, as the above post suggests, i have ALOT of time on my hands. so i’m keen.

Ok, well, there is a bunch to be done, so if you email me at my email Ill send you the stuff that has been done, what hasnt, what needs to be updated and everything like that ok?

sweet dude. will do.


please start writing these things down, you’d make a great newspaper cartoon character :smiley:

@casio. HA!

I used to write huge emails to people that consisted of my warped sense of humor…but it was entirely stream of consciousness. i really wish i had kept some of them to send you. but sure if your up for creating a character, i’ll write down my random thoughts. that would be fun!

P.s.you should at least make him semi 3d

i’m also working with that project as the score composer. if you’d like you could help with it (i’m always open to cooperative composing).

sure man! what have you got in mind so far? I use GPO with reason and protools for orchestral stuff and mainly reason and live instruments for more contemporary stuff. heres a link to a song of evanescence i arranged for a small chamber ensemble http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJP82IILfds

well right now i have already gotten a couple of themes finished (right now i’m composing the music for the first scene.)

here they are on soundcloud (best i can come up with):

a heads up: i use garageband 08 (again, the best i can come up with as of now).

my dad has protools i MAY be able to get it installed (not likely though since i don’t know where it is).

finally i think writing sheet music on the software(s) may help aid in composing. i’ll have to warn you though all of the tracks in my score will be in C (garageband doesn’t do a proper transposition and musescore [the software i use for WRITING sheet music] is confusing with it). i will email some PDF’s to you on it.

garage band? what orchestral library are you using? its got a reeeeeeeeealy nice warm sound to it. i’d put a gate on the reverb though…not much, but just a tad. the decay at the end seems just a tad too long.

and i love the second part of this composition. I think i understand where you are heading with this.

Oh…btw…here’s my email - [email protected] and i have skype too if you need it. Im definately keen to work with you.

thanks. i’m using the Jam Pack Symphony Orchestra. and i agree on the Reverb (always the problem i’m having to try and deal with).

hahah I know you guys are having fun here, but can we collaberate on our website so it doesnt look so dead all the time? Im the only one ever online there hahah xDD

I always visit the site.

you do ;P, but not everyone else, I try to put updates once a day, except on weekends lol