A rather large slow down, that I don't have time to find the problem :/

Hello everyone! As many of you may know I am working on authoritative multiplayer in the Blender Game Engine.
This is actually working rather well, except that when I add a third client, it slows down massively. And not a standard n-1 slowdown, this is from 0.5 ms to a max of 500 ms in the Overhead panel (Overhead is just the DISPLAY of debug properties!)
Here is the two profile results compared:

And here are my source files, if anyone cares to use them!

I’m sure it is just a poor case of negative feedback, but I’m a little pushed for time at the moment (in the sense that i have none!) so if someone were to spot the problem before me I’d be much obliged!

client.blend (551 KB)
server.blend (561 KB)

Thats why i asked before if you have a public VCS, like a Launchpad Bazaar or Code Google HG, and the Licence,
anyways i dont have time until +next month :frowning: good luck, i hope you the best…

I know what I’ve changed, and I have a copy of the working source! It’s just a question of where exactly the problem is, because i can’t be bothered to recode it! :wink:

As ever, the Blender Game Engine never ceases to baffle me. The error resolved itself when the OpenGL driver crashed for my graphics card - it was causing the bottleneck. Blender has done this before, leading me to consider the presence of a bug.