A rather newb-ish WIP car model

This car i’ve been working on a little on and off throughout the summer that i’ve finally gotten around to putting up here. I tried taking some design cues from a bunch of different cars and this is what i’ve ended up with so far.

Any comments/crits welcome-i need all the help i can get:o


i think its great!

looks good but how many polys do you have?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do i tell how many polys it has?

i think it’s in the upper right corner of blender… the one that says Ve: (no. of vertex), Fa: (no. of faces)
i like the car! :smiley:

oh ok, is says:

is that good or bad?

At first view I’d say that’s a bit much. But when I checked the front grill, I think it’s ok. But I"m no expert :slight_smile:

Yeah i’m pretty sure the majority of it is in the grill and tires.
Also, if anyone has any ideas on what to put behind the grill it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to model the entire inner workings of the front end, but i obviously don’t want to leave it see through all the way to the back of the car:no:

you could extrude the inner edges of the sides of the grill back into the car, then put a plane with a no reflect/spec material behind it. That will give the car a sense solidness without having to add detail.

You could also place a makeshift radiator there. Just make a long and narrow cube then array it 60 or so times to make it look like slits.

Looks pretty good, btw

Ok, i went and added a radiator, as well as some fog lights. it still needs some tweaking-the lights look more like giant subwoofers mounted on the front bumper (hmmm, too bad i’m not making a ‘phat’ Scion;) )


“newb-ish?” i think its sweet

one thing you might weant to fix is the windsheild…last time i checked windsheilds dont have creases in them

Thanks, i say newbish because as you may or may not have noticed, its rather gray. just the thought of messing with all those texture and color panels is giving me a headache:eek:

and thanks for pointing out the windshield-i got that all smoothed out (haha, get it?):smiley:

now i’m off to work on some big, nasty brakes!

cool car



Here are some mesh pix-i sort of made up my method as i went, so i don’t know how ‘correct’ or ‘clean’ it is:cool:


I used something like this

as a vision block in my upright fan model. It looks vaguely mechanical behind a grill, and you can’t see much of it anyway. But you can tell when nothing’s there…

that looks like a decent amout of polys

I’ve been pretty busy with school starting, but i finally got around to blending again! who needs school anyway?:smiley: the biggest change-COLOR!
but can someone tell me what all the jaggedy edges are on the ground? i have no idea where they came from-its supposed to just be a chrome/mirror floor and surrounding


set smooth your model
looks rather well

Dude, this is pretty good work! Yeah, use the “set smooth” command in mesh tools like snelleeddy said and it will take all those facets off. And I suspect the ridge in the windshield is from the mirror modifier. If you move your center verts a bit you should be able to eliminate the ridge. Oh, and those tires and wheels look fantastic. Way to go!

Ps. what part of slc are you in? My fam lives just north in roy.