A rather small bezier curve problem

Hello, I am new here. Been lurking since some time, but I registered just now, because I have a little problem with Blender modeling.
I have this bezier curve and I want to give it shape by the bezier circle to the right.
Problem is, when I use BevOb and enter the circle`s name the new curved cylinder appears to be scaled up.

I have been using 3ds Max for 3 years and now decided to fully transfer to Blender, but I am still a bit frustrated by the new interface and techniques. I apologize if my problem turns out to be rather stupid and easy to solve.

Interesting, how am I supposed to make progress with no support?

Just scale the circle object down.

check Origins for both: main curve and bevel objects (Center new button)
Boths curves’ origins need to be moved to curve’s centers

You can use additional taper curve object to align height/width

You might need to press ‘w’ key (in Edit mode) and select Switch direction
if something goes wrong

do you want to pay for my support ? :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much when one question fall through the cracks of our attention. :wink:
There are a lot of questions asked here and not enough time for everyone to read them all. You did just what was needed by bumping yours up. :slight_smile:

Now, every type of extrusion with curves is dependent on the scale value of these. Open a transform properties panel (Nkey) for them and you will see that their scale value is not 1.000 on all axes. That means that you applied some scaling in Object mode.
You can avoid this by scaling only in Edit mode. As a remedy and to gain more predictability of the results, you can apply the scaling (Ctrl-A > Scale to ObData) and so doing reset it to 1.000 everywhere.

This helps ?


Thanks a lot! Center New for both objects did the job!

@lamlnnocent, thanks for the detailed answer. This wasn`t the problem though. My scale values were all 1.000 on both objects.

Oh, of course…