a real basic hack'n slash

i’m trying to make a hack’n slash game but have no idea how to implement a sword attack system.can someone direct me towards a good tutorial regarding this??(i mean on subjects like collision detection and stuff)

Collision detection can be done in a pretty simple (but imperfect) way by making a few small Cubes, and parenting them to bones. When the sword touches these cubes, a message is sent to the player from the cubes, saying subtract X health, depending on where is hit.

hack’n slash?

this are pure animations:

The player clicks on enemy (mouse over sensor),
The game model calculates the result of the attack (Logic Bricks, Python or both),
The Avatar plays an attack animation according the this result
The Enemy Character plays the defend animation according to this result

Pretty simple pretty straight forward.
No need to use any complicated collision detection. Just detect what direction the player clicked with mouse.