A Real Boy

I’ve decided to resurrect this old project, and make the boy a bit older.



Good Job

uncyclomaniac: Thanks.

Revisiting old project. Kind of got bored, so I opened up the blend and started moving around and deleting extra vertices. Still has too many vertices, but got the rest of my life to work on it. So all in good time. :slight_smile:

A few Before and After shots:


Slowly removing extra vertices.



for realism wouldnt you want more polys ???

Why use more polys when you can achieve the same effect with less?
We are working with “subsurf” now, we no longer need to make a millions vertices for a smooth surface, you just do all the inbetweens and blender (through Catmull-Clark) calculates the rest. :slight_smile:

That’s looking VERY good

It’s a very cute cartoon boy - I like it!

If you want to go realistic - you do however need some references, modelling
children is something of the most difficult stuff in the world because they are so clean, one small “odd” difference and they look off no matter what.
Elderly people are easy because they drown in wrinkles …so kudos to you
for trying :wink:

For realism, I would suggest that you:

Change the hair, and eyebrows, to more of a strandish substance.

Add eyelashes

Use a diffuse/color map.

Then you’ll be good to go. The modeling is very nice.

The face looks great so far- you should try redoing the hair, though…

EDIT: Also, the ear is a little too pointy.

Alden: Yeah, you are right the ears are pointy. That was an accident during deformation from before.

JoOngle: Yeah, children are hard to model. I’m looking up some pic for references as I write this.

uncyclomaniac: Thanks.

MartyJ: Thanks, working on it.

Here is a small update:

  • After looking at some baby pictures of me…:smiley: I changed the nose a little bit.
  • Also fixed the ear deformation.

wat are u planing on doin with this model???

Where is the model? (I don’t see any Pictures of what you are talking about?)