A real life related Scadinavian room scene with Cycles


This is a real life related Scadinavian room scene, rendered with Cycles.

Some details about the materials:

  • A laminated wood panel floor.
  • A light blue painted gibs sheat walls.
  • A white painted wood panel ceiling.
  • A white painted wood framed bed. Very thick paint, which covers the wood struckture.
  • A bright lauecker painted wooden Ikea trofast shelf system under the bed.
  • A three layer window frame system with vents at the top.
  • A white painted aluminium profile for the curtains above the window wall.
  • A White painted central water based heater under the window.
  • A clock with chromed frame on the wall.

A background view is from real life. This is more or less as I see it from the room door.

Think, this is the room under the work. All toys and stuff are in the boxies behind the viewer.

How to improve in general?

A few detailed Cycles related question:

  • How to make a window glasses with reflections?
  • How to make a clock cover dome glass with reflections?

Thank you for your feedback.



No takers so far?

Did I post this topic to wrong forum section?

Are you using a reference image?

I guess I’m confused about the scale of the room. Did you measure everything off or just eyeball it?

Good start Xjazz, for your questions on materials maybe you could check out my “The White Room” or Country Kitchen" (Shameless self-promotion on my part lol) from blendswap.com

Food luck, Jay :wink:

Hello Xjazz!

I use a little trick for the windows reflections.

  1. create planes for the glass.

  2. move them to a separate layer.

  3. apply a glossy shader. (0.05 roughness or so…)

  4. render all the scene without the glass.

  5. render the only the glass layer. Beware that you must have some source of light inside the room.

You end up with a render layer like the image above and another with the reflections only.

  1. Composite them together. You can control the amount of reflection just by increasing the factor!

Hope I was clear enough for you to understand. My english is sometimes a bit difficult to digest!

Question: are you trying to emulate the real materials? Like “white painted wood”? Trying to achieve the effect of paint over wood?



Perhaps this topic should move to the WIP section.

The actual room size is a 3.0m long, 2.8m wide and 2.5m height.
In given picture is an error, because there the room height is 2.7m.
Well spotted :slight_smile:

A great thanks for those very impressive looking shared .blend files. I will study those carefully.

Thanks for that trick for the window glasses. I will try it.
Concerning the materials, I was just listing the real life ‘materials’.
Yes, my target is make those materials to look good enough.

Thanks for the Blender 2.63, Cycles and Blender cookie’s ‘Training Course: Interior 3D Architectural Visualization in Blender 2.6’ turorial, I finally could make a more or less real life looking render with Blender :smiley:

Nice start XJazz, but the room looks REALLY bare at the moment. I dont know if anybody can live in such a simplistic house! :stuck_out_tongue:


The real life scene is filled with the clothes, books & toys…

In the rendered scene, the room is under the decorating work. Just a main items are hauled in.

I’m no pro, and you might be trying to give the room a “Bright” look, but I think it looks a bit too bright. I’m thinking you could darken it and get a whole different mood. But that might ruin your idea of the image, or make it too different to be called an improvement.

Good advice from all.

The clock face looks like a drawing; it has no depth. Perhaps emphasise the shadows the fingers should cast. Lighting definitely needs tweaking overall.


In this render I try to improve a lighting in general.

Other changes
The venetian blind is added.
The clock model is tad changed.


That looks Awesome! That’s pretty much what I was thinking, so I guess I don’t have any more criticism.

yeah that looks better, though your still far better than i am at the moment, keep up the good work!