A realistic portrait of a girl, topology experiment[update:11-09-08]

wow…nice progress…what you plannin on doing with the eyes?

@nitros thanks. I will model and texture the eyes later on my focus is on getting the colour map of the skin done. There is realistic human modeling contest that might start soon so my focus on things right now is on what I have little experience in doing.

I took things a bit slower and tried to fix up a few things here and there. I am happy with my results thus far I think the things that need fixing with the colour map are now a bit minor. so any critics and comments that you can give are most welcome. Now I’ve got to do some reverse engineering and figure out how to put together a multi layered skin shader.


she needs eyes… great work so far :slight_smile:

I can see the improvement, nicely done. One thing I did in the tutorial but forgot to mention was it can help to manually paint some shadow going in to black inside the nostril. Then you can use buffered shadows and such, but the shading in the nostril will look more ‘natural’.

http://www.kjun.org/ - learnt that from here somewhere, inspiring galleries.

- small example.