A Really Annoying Problem...

Hey all,

As said in the title, I have a problem which really is starting to get under my skin. I love the cloth simulator, and it works great with simple, two dimensional cloth planes; but, what about cloth with both outside and inside faces? I’ve tried to think up a way to do it, and I don’t seem to have the brain power. =(

If I clothe my character with a coat which only has an outside face, the simulator does okay. But if I make the coat have an interior, too (making it truly 3D, like real life fabric is), the interior face passes through the exterior one. I turn on self collision, and then the outside face of the coat reacts to the inside face, creating a big mess of collision errors, basically making the coat useless. :no: This is a very long coat, and I’d like it to have some depth to it, instead of being a 2D panel.

Has anyone ever fixed this problem? If so, what did you do? Thanks very much for any help on this.