A really cool movie with great cg its an old movie

Minority Report. Im not gonna give the story away but its a classic Spielberg movie.

No it’s not old - 2002.

It was a blockbuster, I’d imagine most people know of it.

Did you post that just to get corrected?? :-?

no last time i posted something like taht ppl considered it old.

Last time you posted something like that people flamed you.

Anyway, won’t reply again on this thread.

y is it that every time i post in off topic about a movie ppl seem to get pissed. I just thought it was a good movie. Some ppl read way too much into posts and are too serious. Anyway…

Funny thing about “Minority Report” is that the movie is based on a sci-fi story written by Phillip K. Dick, a guy who died in the 80s when they were making another movie from a story he wrote called “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” That other “old” movie is “Blade Runner.”

There are a bunch of movies taken from his sci-fi stories:

lol yeah i heard about that. (finally a civilized reply. :stuck_out_tongue: )

That isn’t his name… it was automatically edited by phpBB :smiley:

I guess poor Mr. D-i-c-k probably got a lot of obnoxious nicknames when he was alive, too.

I thought “Minority Report” was pretty cool. I haven’t seen “Paycheck” yet, but one of these days I’m going to rent it…

So, now the game is just post anytime a thought pops into your head? “I like this movie. I think I’ll tell everyone at elysiun.” Seriously, this isn’t a very valuable thread. Maybe if the thread was Movie Recommendations.

Sorry to sound harsh, but I just can’t conceive of how this is post-worthy.

Thats why i posted it in off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone already did the mistake of using elysiun as a blog.
Don’t become the next cubefan please.

PS: Yes, minority report was a nice movie.

srry ok. i…must…resist…my…STUPIDITY… so hard…losing the battle… *smacks himself in head with aluminum base ball bat…

I like Tron :stuck_out_tongue:

A movie released in 2002 is hardly an old movie!

Now TRON, that’s a classic OLD (1982) movie with computer generated imagery.


People get annoyed when someone posts a thread with no useful content. You’re not contributing anything, not trying to learn anything, not trying to teach anything. You’re not even going into any depth. People get annoyed when a thread is nothing but, “Now that was a good movie.” You would have gotten a better response if you told everyone what you like about it, or why we should watch it. Just a tip for the future. Elysiun users get mad when someone posts a “nothing” thread.