a really great idea!

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well, i loved it anyways… KIB, over at cgtalk.com , they have similar forums…except they SPLIT the 3d works forums into 2 SEPERATE ones:

  1. WIPS


  1. gallery/finished works

i think that would be the greatest idea for elyisun! not only would it encourage more people to finish their pics so they can post it in the “gallery/finished works” forum, but people can also choose if they wanna look at and help people with their wips, or view finished works for critique and inspiration… i for one would love to see this happen

hey i just saw spider man!!! it was the coolest movie ive ever seen, its up there to par with the matrix!! and i saw a clip info on the matrix reloaded that said “more than 3 months were taken to build a 3 mile highway in cali(or somwhere) for filming of the matrix reloaded”…sweet! thats sooo cool, im pumped to see what that highways gonna be for… woo! exciting week…


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what does everyone else think about this idea?

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I think it sounds good. I just posted a topic in the 'I Made This" about more explaining posted projects. It’s really hard to give good help and opinions when we don’t know what they are doing. I mean, it’s like if I just render a cube, and say “let me know what you think” If they say, ‘I’m trying to make a cube’ then we know it looks good, but what if the cube is supposed to be a face or alien, then nobody knows exactly what the heck to say except “nice cube head thingy…ya…”

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Sounds a good idea.

Actually I don’t know if it would be worty also do split the “Finished masterpieces” forum into a “stills” and into an “animations” forum.

Just an idea.


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The idea is not bad, but maybe it is easier if everyone put in front of their post the word “WIP:” or “Final:”, so you don’t have to split the forum.

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Good idea! I think splitting is better than just letting people to write WIP: or Final: at the beginning of the subject line. I don’t believe they will follow that rule after a while…

Yeh, go for it!

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these would be really cool forum changes, and i think alot of people would like to see this…

and this way, when u post a pic in the wip, people KNOW that u are asking for critique and suggestions and for help…

and when u post in the gallery/finished works, people know your asking for final critique and ratings

what do u think KIB? its your decision, either way, these forums are really cool, but now im starting to see alot of people making better and finished pics, and it would be cool to split the forums

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When is anything really finished without a Deadline?

Another comment. I know tripod is free but I get dead links atleaste 50% of the time I click on these links in the “I Made This” thread. I don’t know why?

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things are finished when u say, “yeah i think this is done enough to post in the finished works forum”…that doesnt mean its done forever, just done enough… as opposed to a half made body posted in the wip section, youd post the full body with bg, textures, and surroundings in the finished works… got it?

tripod and geocities and some other servers dont allow hotlinking…COPY n PASTE the link in to your address bar to see them …

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That would be great!
At the moment u always have to ask for chritque.Thats really

cya henrik

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Hey everyone,… I just added the forums, check the changes out at the forum index page.

Timothy Kanters

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Now that is done I should say:


And probably a lot of people will follow.



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hah,… well you had your chance of democracy :slight_smile: