A Really Really Fat Werewolf (Photorealism? A MUST! Pg3)

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, an obese werewolf. Much detail is needed but I have decided to wait until the model is “whole” before I add any detail.


(UPDATE: Image is now hosted by Ripway- Also, image is now a link to reduce bandwidth ocnsumption and speed up thread)

[email protected] are apreaciated.

The idea is quite humorous, hope to see it detailed.

That is funny. Looking good so far.


Good work. Keep it up. :smiley:

Now to the criticism. It doesn’t have legs or hands. It’s smooth and gray. It’s . . . work in progress, oh, uh, . . .he he he, carry on. :wink:

The idea is quite humorous, hope to see it detailed.

OH DEAR GOD NO!!! BUDDHA IS COMING! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! LOL! j.k ( I have nothing against buddha) it looks pretty neat actually, here’s an idea that will make it more humourous-looking, give him an outtie belly button, and really tight jeans with a big plumber belt and boots. LOL! oh and give him back hair too LOL! ROFL! :slight_smile:

Good start and a weird idea :D. And I thought my current WIP-Character (The Yamo) was fat :wink: I hope that the Softbody-Feature gets implemented from Tuhopuu into the Blender Tree - we will have much fun rigging our characters with paunch wobbling.

That’s true, because the image currently seems to be not available :wink: But I saw it last night.

Nathan, you are repeating what Kansas_15 has already said, did you not have anything meaningfull to say?

Thoro, you’re gonna have to show me where I can find this soft-body feature- I have not a clue.

When I saw that other werewolf wip earlier I thought to myself, Wouldn’t it be cool if some one made a fat werewolf? It was then I decided to give it a shot.

One question (besided the soft-body thing) how do I make particle fur?[/i]

Softbody is a feature currently only available in Blender’s evil brother Tuhopuu2, a test platform for new features. You can find the current version on blender.org/testing builds:

Create some geomtry, click on the Object button [F7] and click Effects. Select Soft.

I’m not sure if there’s already some kind of tutorial available.

hmmm i don’t actually see the image.

perhaps try bobthevirus’s gallery (in conjunction with my gallery, he is starting one to relieve pressure on my bandwidth)


assuming photobucket is down.


Here is the latest wip:

(EDIT: Image made into a link for bandwidth reasons)

I gave him hands and legs! Next will come the feet and then the detail.

hahaha i love this character, i’m sick of all those " flawless, I go to the gym everyday" models, now are you going to aninate it?that would be cool

funny model, i think this is very original. i liked the first image better though… something with the arms they look kinda square, the hands are a bit flat, and his face could use a lot of work.

hopefully some positive crits :slight_smile:

blend away [!]

My newest update:


Thanx for the crits.

I’ve shortened the legs and added some nice looking werewolf feet. And next, will come the detail. One of the things you can look foward to is a completely remodeled head.

And Finally, I have made a webpage for my wips and the comments- if the posted images don’t show, you can view them here:

I have done some work on the enviroment that I intend to put this wolf in. A better discription can be found on my wip website at: http://howitzer.250free.com

You can also download a small flyby animation at my website. Hotlinking of files over 250k aren’t permitted.


C&C are apreciated

Wow! I like that setting a LOT! It’s got a mood and a style all it’s own! Very cool, keep us posted. :smiley:

Here is the beginning of a new head. He’s not at all scary yet but he will be when I add some detail to it (fangs, eyes, etc). And for those who know what edge-loops are, I put them to use here. And I can’t wait to get this guy aninated! Besides finaly drawing a concept picture and adding a new
head, I have also fixed the armpits! (you can’t see them here though).

I actually had two concept pictures, but I was too lazy to post them. One was a side and front picture to help me model, the other is what you see here:

And dispite the fact that I have come up with yet another idea, I have somehow maintained interest in this project. Perhaps its the feed back, or perhaps it is because I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

The more feed back I get, the faster I’ll work! So keep ‘em commin’!

I’m anxious to see him all furred-up too!!!

The face look kind of like a fat mouse.

The more you work the fatter he looks, you make him too fat and people will start to not see what your image is supposed to be.