a really small thing that my grandma asked me to do

she said “oh wow! i cant beliave you did that so fast! AMAZING!!”
now i want a comment from people who actually do those things-you!

It would help if you actually supplied a picture for us to look at…

ooops? lol!


Pic is rather small, but what i can tell,your surfaces need smoothing (edit pane “SET SMOOTH”)

And Antialiasing would also do some good (OSA)

I agree, set smooth and OSA would be nice, though your grandma may not care much :wink:

And disable specularity for the plane with the background picture (I assume that’s what you have?).


I would recommend using a backbuf image for the background, rather than using a plane, or making hte plane shadeless. Also it looks like you should set the sphere you used for the head to smooth shading, the faceting really shows.

Did grandma give you a silver dollar?

If not, dont impress her no more!

If not, dont impress her no more!

Talking about the useage of double negative words…

So if she has not given a dollar, You must impress her more.
:smiley: okey, I haven’t got no better things to not to do not :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my! Such quality artwork! I can see why your granny was impressed. %|

I would have taken the time to finish it…

how long did it take to model?