A really stupid question about jpegs in my animation


I’m working on a very simple project, and I just wanted to have a jpeg as a background in the final render. When I import the jpeg into blender it shows up in the viewport but not in the video preview. I just wanted to know if anyone has encountered this problem before, how I could use an image as a background, how I can get the image to show up in the video preview, and if anyone knows this, what keyframes I could use in order to make the image disappear after a set amount of time. Thanks in advance!

Can you post some screenshots, or upload the blend? If you used ‘import images as planes’ it should appear in the render as it does in the viewport.

For camera background image you have to use the compositor. Here is a tut.

The other way to do it would be to import the Image as a plane and mix the emission shader with a transparent shader, you can then animate the factor to make the image appear and disappear (or fade out/in)