A recipie for non-flickering hair?

It is great to play with Blenders hair particles, but everytime I try to make a small video sequence, I always end up with flickering.
I have tried to google the problem, but havent found anything useful so far?? On the contrary it says that Blender only allow 1 px to show up, so there shouldnt be any problems of the sort that I experience…(funny though that I set the Strand setting at 0.25)

Anyway, can anyone help me find the right “setting” recipie? :eyebrowlift2:

All right, I think I got it…, I have to render the animation as single images and then import them into AE or some other software. Cool:-)

Just a quick note that you can also bring the image sequence into Blender (both the Compositor and Video Sequence Editor – VSE) and output various forms of video (.avi, QT, etc.) from those. No need for external apps for this particular chore.

Output of synced audio & video is a bit more problematic, with ffmpeg the only direct-from-Blender option (unless more options have been added lately), but you can edit both sound & picture in the VSE, then output your video with edits and transitions, and an audio mixdown, for a final a/v dub in another app.

Many AE-type effects can also be accomplished in the Compositor and/or the VSE, and perhaps a few that AE can’t handle in the same way, like Render Layers.

Thanks for your advice, I will give it a try. I would certainly rid me of the problem of expensive Adobe licences :-S