A reference guide color codes needed - edges take on many colors but I cant find meaning anywhere

Things turn pink they turn orange they turn a color between orange and red. They turn green they turn pink they turn red. I have mesh that has turned a weird orange and I can not find any reference to “Color meaning” Color Codes color of mesh means:

This file test 3 It comes in green and I do not understand what it is grouped WITH ?
I ungroup it but it seams something is hidden from me. Also when I try to seperate the mesh I can not move parts of the mesh G acts like E.
If I had a list of colors and their meanings I might be able to diagnose some of the problems. test3.blend (469.0 KB)
this test3 claims to be grouped with something implying there are two objects but I do not see what its grouped with. Also when I try to separate part of this mesh in edit mode things turn this weird orange.
And when I select everything in the scene they also start turning this color.

In the picture that shows g and e I cannot figure out how to upload it because files are packed its too big

If anyone knows of a guid to colors in blender it would be helpful to me
I just searched the web for “what do the different mesh colors mean in blender green orange red what do they mean” and THIS post showed up.

got to wiki blender and start reading the intro to blender

in beginning there is a description for all the colors used and their meaning

happy bl

I have watched many tutorials on blender. Been working with it for a few years now.
Searching for shortcuts in the preferences does work.
AND Looking in the preferences under themes it shows what each color means.
So to find what all the colors mean in blender it all there in the preferences.
A person can learn many things about blender without knowing this key information.
I watched many videos for beginners but somehow I was not fully aware of how powerful the information in preferences was.
The thing here with working with Blender is that when your aggravated and your limbic system has been set off - Your mind shuts down and so does your memory - Thats what flight fight does - SO if your mad its very much time to take a break and breath deep and in a rhythm for a while. It truly will calm the the body and mind. Blender is complex and very many little details need to be considered. overlooking little things can cause a mess.

Thanks for the post Ricky