A Relaxed Dragon

Another personal project. I made this as an example for what someone could get from me as a commissions. My thing is I am using 3D cg backgrounds instead of doing fully painted ones (or no background) so that I can get a better or equal quality in a shorter amount of time. I work for fairly cheap so I depend on being able to do fast turn around to keep them coming. People seem to have responded to it well and after a few dips in the pond I am going to jump in soon.

All in all this took a day and a half to do. I like how it has an almost miniature quality to it. It reminds me of pinhole photograph.

My plan is to raise enough money for a graphics card that I can use for cycles. I have a decently extensive background as a photographer so it’ll be nice to have something that more closely matches the real thing. I’m hoping to eventually finally upgrade to a better overall machine and start my good-to-honost 3DCG portfolio and actually render out some animation instead of stills.

It is also a remake of a digital painting I did about two years ago. If anyone is curious here is the original: