A render gone wrong....

I have been working on a phone for a bit, and i had it working a week ago (before i left on vacation) and when i came back, i added one object, and rendered it, and it looks all cloudy, below is what it looked like before i left(well a few days before, but i rendered before i left)…

And now it looks like this

HELP whats wrong?

Hum… Couldn’t it be some bug with the texture’s assignements? Looks possible that some path to the correct image or material has been lost or corrupted.

Hope it could be a hint…

Good luck though

:frowning: there were no textures

I reopened the file, and rendered it and it looked fine. so something happened. I’ll try again. this is the first time somthing like this has happened

I have two layers, 1 is the bottom part of the phone, and the second is the transparent buttons and coverings. I rendered both individually, and it seemed fine

what renderer are you using? blender internal or an external renderer such as Yafaray?