A rendrer...

Been working in this for a while now,(got tired of my old wallpaper:cool:).So what do you think?


Making wallpapers in Blender is awesome! Dude that’s way better than my non biological asparagus!! Awesome work keep it up!!!

Thanks for the reply.Found your “Non biological asparagus” thread,it’s good too:)…but what’s an asparagus?

The reflection of the table looks off. It looks longer in the reflection.

I don’t think that’s a reflection. Look at the lighting; I am pretty sure that those are windows with frosted glass.

:confused: Tasty food… http://www.fnf-foods.com/green%20asparagus%20spears.jpg

Is is frosted glass.
That’s why the secound table is turned,at fhirst it was parallel to the fhirst(on the foreground),but It looked like reflection:)

Edit:Thanks for all the comments:)