A request (about meaningless titles...)

So, aren’t you annoyed by such stupid thread titles?

I request titles like ‘One question’, ‘Please help’, ‘How do I…’ to be locked instantly. Hoping it has the same effect as locking threads that have been posted in the wrong forum. And that the search function can serve its purpose.

Do I have a bad day?

You miss this one %|



Don’t frown, he’s right. Your topic title is exactly as meaningless as the ones you want to be locked. The irony is overwhelming.

Not only that, but it’s in the wrong forum. How ironic. :slight_smile:

Alright, does anyone believe me the meaningless title was intentional? Have I EVER made a meaningless title before?
OffTopic - Well, yeah. I put it here to make it open for discussion as I assume no one really reads the correct forum.

I was just joking about how it was ironic. I agree with what you were saying though.

I get annoyed by them too. It’s as if some people make it deliberately ambiguous to draw you in. Titles are there so you know what is in the thread. I’ve just started to ignore them now. I used to go in because I felt compassionate to the posters maybe being noobs who don’t know better but the more I see, the more it pisses me off.

BTW, I realised you did the same thing deliberately on this thread ;).

There’s nothing wrong with being a noob, but using a meaningless title is either lazy or even offending, when the purpose is to draw attention to the thread.

Both reasons should be punished by locking the thread, so each user does it (hopefully) only once. This would be even character building.
By ignoring those threads, no one is being helped. Locking them would allow users to post again and get more and better answers.

I agree 100% with what you have said.

It would make searching the forums much easier for people as well as it makes the thread pertinent to what the author wants to convey, be it a question, etc.

I will make a note of this and will have a discussion with the other mods about this, as it is a valid point.


i think that all the topics should have more 1337 speak and have lots of !!! in them.

I agree that such titles are annoying. I tend myself to not click on “Help”, etc. topics. But I think locking the thread is not the best answer.

At the top of Blender General there is a sticky by theeth that makes a definite point about titling your topic appropriately.

Currently it is the last in a list of six stickies, plus an announcement. How many of us have read it? I hadn’t until I was familiar with the forum for several months.

The fact is, for most newbies, they’ve never used a technical forum like this before. And when they first arive, it’s information overload. 17 forums, each with a list of stickies and things to read. Usually the only thing going through their head is “need help” --a common topic title, no?

We have to teach them how to better articulate themselves. A kindly response that says something like this will go a long way towards improving behavior:

(In this example, the newbie asked the ever-popular “continuing happily” question.)

Doing this makes the expected behavior more visible not only to the direct target but also others looking through the forums. After an initial push the need to post such responses will dwindle to a minimal level.

A soft answer turneth away wrath.
Alternately: a soft answer doesn’t turn away new blenderheads.

I don’t mind clicking on dumb topics or reading and actually helping them. You don’t have to. Think of being a mod who HAS to.

That said, when you don’t know Blender, and you don’t know CG jargon, you don’t know what the thing is that you’re asking for help about. Or maybe all of you learned what non-manifold and anisotropic and edgerings are when you were in kindergarten?


I tried to address the issue with that thread, which is still sticky in Blender General.


Noted. The point I was making is simply that whenever you start something new, there is a little bit of information overload.

I missed theeth’s thread, not because I’m lazy or stupid, nor because it wasn’t there (because it was): only because there’s so much to look at and read at first.

I find I’m clicking on dumb titles more and more (depend’s on my mood and the time), but in any case a succinct, well-worded exhortation works wonders.

Even something as simple as

P.S. click me

People are generally able to describe the problem in the thread itself, so I don’t see your point.

I had 2 points, one of which was that it’s much easier for a newbie to type “I need help” than it is to type “I have a problem with my model [don’t know whether to call it a model or a mesh] and since I don’t know how to describe what’s happening I’m asking for your help”. You and I know the title should have been “Doubles, how to remove?”, he doesn’t.

But when Darth972_DukeofAllthatPlugsintotheWall and forum monkey types “Lost need help” then I’ll help you swing the hammer.

Second point is that if dumb headings bug you just ignore them and mumble to yourself “Fligh can get that one” while you click the next thread. Easy.


I understand your point and you back it up with your continuous help here in the forum. But I disagree slightly.

Well, he doesn’t have to. All I’m asking is “Model looks weird”, “Black spots on object”. Just a desciption of what the user sees is enough. “Black spots on object” gives me probably enough information to open the thread and tell him to recalc normals.

I think there is really a difference between ‘Help me’ and ‘Where are my objects?’, and none requires you to know CG terminology.

Yes, you’re right.


My favorite question of all time is “May I ask a question?” Why would anyone ever ask that question? It makes no sense.

Those of us disciplined in logical-critical thinking have no problem being even mildly specific. Fligh’s point is that many newbies are used to colloquial thought patterns which almost always contain a prelude of meaningless banter. He can come up with a better title, but the idea never even crosses his mind. And when in new waters, people typically lose the ability to apply previous knowledge (such as how to express the problem like “doubles, how to remove” or even “model looks weird”). It’s an innate human nervous reaction.

Fligh’s responses are typically worded correctly: giving at least one specific diagnosis and solution, or at the very least a message to the effect that not enough information was supplied to understand the question. One or two responses like this begin to familiarize the questioner with the forum and Blender and inculcate the expectation of critical analysis.

I know it’s frustrating to look down a page full of “help me!” and “blender’s broken” topic titles. It’s like going to a restaurant and getting a menu of choices that say “food” and “soup”. I cannot narrow my interest with that lack of information. That’s the point. I open a topic because I think I may be interested in it or that I may be of help. I am the operative principle here. If you dislike choosing between door number one and door number two, then relax and leave it to Fligh, as suggested.