A request for a blender feature

I don’t know if this is the right forum for this, if it isn’t mea culpa.

I’m using the edge split mod and get some good results with it, but occasionally like to run the “delete double vertexes” command, which essentially undoes the edge split mod.

Is there a way to make an option that would exempt double verts created by the edge split function from the remove doubles vertex function?

Is there a reason why you are applying the modifier?

There are a number of ways around this if you think ahead. As said, why apply the modifier ?
If you need to apply the modifier, before doing so you can save all the sharp edges made by the modifier to a vertex group (using the tools under the Select menu). You can then use the vertex group to deselect these from any vertices you want to remove doubles from.

What if you had more than one edge split modifier but only wanted to exempt vertices from just one of these ? How would you differentiate between them ?

When you did an edge split it could ask you if you wanted toi exempt the verts from double vertice deletion, or the mod could have a check on it for that. Thus you could differentiate with each split.