A rigging issue with modifiers

Hi, I am new at blender and trying to learn it for. job oppourtunities… anyway, I did a Retopo on a sculpting I made so I could animate it,I was following a tutorial and I used the shrink-wrap modifier like the guy in the tutorial said and everything was good there. but when I tried to put an armature in the retopo I did, the bones stick to the mesh and it doesn’t let me modify the bones freely… I don’t actually know if that will create an issue while trying to animate but, I searched for answers in the internet and found only one topic on the issue but no real solution to this issue… I am a little worried that I can’t fix this… and I really need help, so in conclusion the bones on the rig stick to the mesh I think because of the shrink-wrap modifier and I can’t set the bones freely… I have blender 2.9 and used also a mirror modifier and subdivision modifier

I think you will have to apply the mirror mod and the shrink-wrap mod.

You see, untiL you do this, the mirror mod is copying one half of the mesh to the other constantly and stretching these it’s vertexes to the surfice of the origonal mesh. This is stopping it from moving to the armature properly.

If that’s not it, I would recommend posting an uncropped screenshot as they can be very helpful for this sort of thing.

Oh, and welcome to blender, and welcome aboard!

Hello my friend… thank you so much for replying… I am not sure If I quite follow… do you want me to put mirror a nd shrink-wrap mod on the armature? because I have applied those into the plane(retopo mesh) I will upload the pictures you told me so you can see the issue and thank you for your help

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 9.02.46 AM

sorry for sending one by one this page only allows this for new comers… as you can see the bones stick to the mesh and won’t separate