A Ring on a Clock

So i made a Clock and a Ring with the goal to create something Photo Realistic.
So my Questions would be:

  1. How does it look ?
  2. Does it look Photo Realistic ?
  3. What can i improve ?

Here is the File (About 500MB):


Key: !OgAjeIJpyeZ7zMZhpNoAyy2aqH3rifstly2h51QqmWU

Please be honest !
Have a nice day !


  • Denoising
  • 500 Samples
  • Indirect Clamping 1

Lighting and Colors

  • Pro Lighting Skies (Demo because i am poor)
  • Filmic Log Endcoding as Color Space
  • Base Contrast


Created in Blender 2.79 Cycles