A ring

Hi everybody, happy new year! I made a gold ring yesterday. It’s finished now but I’d like to get come C&C so I can avoid several stupid mistakes in the future. One thing that bothers me is that halos don’t cast light on their surroundings, so I faked the light on the red fabric with a spotlight but I’m not altogether happy with it. Any ideas how I can improve it? I made the halo in the first place because the bird on the ring is supposed to be a Phoenix and the ring is something magic, so it casts its own light.


I’m not sure if it’s possible to have something glow with blenders internal renderer, but if you set an emit value for the phoenix then yafray will make it glow, actually, if you use yafray, you can add some caustics. nice phoenix modeling, though :smiley:

If you rendered it Indigo you wouldn’t have to worry about adding caustics as long as the material had been set correctly. Its calculated automaticly. Something to look to in the future maybe?

BonE + FloorPlay: Thanks - I checked that site and found out what was wrong with my material - I had set the RayMir to 0.4 instead of 0.9. What are caustics? I followed the instructions on that site and totally ruined all reflections, so I went back and started again. I’m not familiar with YafRay and Indigo, so I’ll have to look into it some more before I can say anything. In any case, I added a silver Swan ring and tweaked the lighting a bit, and I think the picture looks much better now.


definitly, more dramatic like that :). Caustics are…umm…well, look at the tutorial again and see how the light reflects of the inside of the ring onto the ground. It also is how light looks when it goes through a glas bottle etc. like in these pics:

Ok, will do.

Hm… is my picture so bad no-one else wants to say anything? :frowning: