a river scene.

doin some landscaping again!but i would like to get a better foreground
with trees shore etc.im havin trouble getting the scenes to merge,
high polys,etc heres what i have so far.

any help or tips would be appreciated,this is drivin me nuts!

thanx rixtr

how much for your daughter? Jake Blues

Very cool,

what about a man fishing on the shore?


wow! very nice.

so this ISN’T terragen? what a surprise.
great result, that’s some of the best water scenes I’ve seen so far


wow! that is very nice, maybe adding a cottage or a someone fishing like S68 said would be nice.

Very well done. Maybe little cabin over on the shore with a wisp of smoke coming out of the chimney. To be honest, since everything is so far away, you might not gain much by adding a lot of detailed objects (like trees).

Hi Rixtr66:

The way I see it, iI don’t get it if it is close view or a distant one. Waves look like a close view of calm water. However closer mountains look like a distant view of deeply forested hills. (The mountains in the distant background look GREAT)

In any case, you might try modifying the texture of the closer mountains to show some big rocks with trees on top or something like that. More details.

As for tips, for distant trees you might want to use very simple models with deatailed textures.
Take care with the shores.

The overall image looks fantastic till now.