A robot(Pizza Update)

Here is my attempt at creating a simple robot.Please post your C&Cs.


Are those feet? They look like arms. and if they are arms, how will Mr. Roboto move about :smiley:

They are arms.I am making the feet right now.
Any other crits ?

Update #1
Made most parts of the legs
Please post your C&Cs


Update #2
Finished feet
Please post your C&Cs


It is getting better :slight_smile:
Keep up the work.

I’m still wondering what “type” of robot it is? What does it do “for living”? what is its function? It is hard to judge the model alone sometimes. Give us some background. Where do you want to get with it :slight_smile:

I really like that model-it reminds me of my first model, except 100times better-mine was a ball and tubes with some squiggles. although it did have a cool face…
I do really like your model, It looks like it could be running about in a robot city delivering…stuff and bumping into things and stuff and be funny but also be cool at the same time-get it textured and make a scene and i will be very happy. :slight_smile:

Pizza Update :slight_smile:

Changed his pose
Improved textures(only a little)
Added pizza box
Please post your C&Cs


did you forget to add the pic?

No it is just not ready yet …
I’ll post an update soon