A robot

This is a project I’ve been working on its still in its early stages(started like a half hour ago). Also how do I reduce the vertexes on a sphere because they have a lot of them.


if you hit
space -> add -> mesh -> UVsphere, you have a popup which asks you for the number of segments and rings. change those to for instance 12 and 12.
for IcoSphere, you can try to use values like… 3 But they’re purely tri-made^^

Afterwards, but that would probably be more work than just adding it again with lower vert-count, you can try to retopo it…

So what else do you think it needs.

First of all, a different background :stuck_out_tongue:

Else… It really depends on what you’re going for. This in theory could already be the finished variant, which just needs a propper pose and background to tell a nice story…
Or you refine the mesh and make it more organic-ish…
also, you could add something like hands and feet…

How do I refine a mesh?

My new pic… has some slight feet and pipe things.


new pic…
check dat out hahhah glo visor