A rocket beyond the stars

Personal work.

Recently, spaceX launched their starship prototype and do a awesome belly flop, I was impressed. After the stream, I closed my eyes and imagine the rocket travelling to mars, I couldn’t resist to made it on blender with a stylized touch.

I hope you will like it and if you have comments feel free to post them :slight_smile:

Blender 2.91 + cycles


Love the aesthetic! How did you go about the light streaks and the planet?

Thanks !

Sure, no problem, I used hair particles like this and play with width, shape & co

Added a emissive shader on these with a spherical gradient/falloff located on the planet

And for the planet I used just two spheres, one with texture and other with athmosphere with fresnel/layerweight:

I know It’s weird workflow to use hair but I’m lazy to create each of ray :sweat_smile:
I’m pretty sure we could have so much better workflow than this but I like to testing random stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Superb work! I love the 80s’ looks. A space fan here myself.

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Woah! Thanks for the detailed explanation! I understand it but I would have never come up with it by myself, I find it quite amazing! The result is amazing, the way the colors go together and how they blend, I love it!

Ahah, thanks really appreciate it ! Color ramp node with Bspline configuration is really nice to have wonderful various color ! :star_struck:

Hmmm… I really like the image. But why is it called “…beyond the stars”? :wink:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
You’re right ! I named like this because I often heard beyond the stars title for space theme. But the real name must be beyond earth or traveling to mars :sweat_smile:

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woah, nice work

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!