A Room to Relax In

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This is a room I have been working on for the past couple of days, I have plans to add a character and a lot more objects.
Apologies if my work is subpar for this board or if I format this post wrong, I’ve never posted here, but I was hoping to get some C&C for my work.(Sorry about the 50 passes, my computer isn’t the best and it took 2 and a half hours just to render this)

Added some stuffed dolphins to the scene and tried to make the shirt a bit lumpier, not much was changed between these two.

Looks like you’re making nice headway. What are the circles of light on the floor?


Here is a link explaining how to decrease render time in cycles by changing a few settings. 2 hours for 50 passes is a really long time so I presume you are stuck using CPU rendering instead of GPU. I have been there and I feel your pain :wink: It can be very frustrating.

That being said…this picture was done with Blenders Internal Render Engine (Non-Cycles) and edited in Gimp.

And so was this

Blender’s internal render is much faster then Cycles and allot more powerful then people realize. It just takes more work to get your desired result. That CG Cookie video is worth it’s weight in gold BTW (and no I am not associated with them)

As For The Critique:

I like the shape of the bed, but I feel like the head and footrest is to “blocky”. I have never seen a bed with proportions like that, especially the size of the screws vs the pillows. The carpet looks good, but it is also what is killing your render time. I might suggest that the room would look good with a hardwood floor set up with a normal map. It will also render much faster.

Finally, a levels and color adjustment post render would serve to make it pop a bit more. You can do it inside of the Blender compositor or you can do it easier in Gimp and have more control. I hope this helps, they seem to be pretty quiet on this forum so far. My own critique post has over 100 views and no replies as of yet. I guess we will see :slight_smile:

I really like the carpet, I’m guessing you are trying to make a kid’s room, if is that so I think you are achieving the composition in a nice way.
For my liking the room looks kinda sad(like if it was rainning around the house), I would like to see rays of the sun through the window and jumping around the room like in a spring afternoon.
I like a lot your models, I think they are spread in a very nice way.

Thanks guys, was beginning to think that this topic would just disappear :eyebrowlift:

@Xraygunner: that is a design on the floor, but thinking about it I don’t know how many rooms have carpet designs like that.

@Jon Smith: Yes I am stuck using CPU: I have a NVideo GeForce 9400 but Blender doesn’t pick it up(Maybe it doesn’t work? Not a hardware person), yeah and your right about the screws, I scaled the bed up and forgot to shrink the screws.) Also I think I might have to stick with the carpet, I don’t think it is common for bedrooms to have hardwood flooring(Maybe I am wrong) (And yes the carpet is what is at least doubling render times)

@raulgalindo: Yeah somewhere from elementary to teen is what I am trying to get, I am not so sure how to get a windows light ray affect, and if anyone knew a tutorial and could link me too it, I would be happy :smiley:

Also how do I change the thumbnail to the most recent pic? I thought it was the first pic in the first post?

I took most of everyone’s criticisms (or so I hope) and applied them

(I couldn’t think of a shape for the bed, maybe a picture of what you mean?)
(I kept the carpet… This render took 2 hours 49 minutes…but its a price I dont mind paying)
(I kept the spots on the floor, but I think I plan on removing them, just forgot about it and didn’t remember till 1 hour in the render)
(I tried the levels thing and just barely modified it, couldn’t find a way to make the image pop (New to levels))

The light rays turned out pretty good for a 10 minute experiment :D, if anyone is curious I wouldn’t mind posting how the light rays were done(In Blender Compositor).

And a big thanks to everyone who has posted criticism and comments, really means alot :o

Try to look something related to volumetric light, I think the chair’s shadow is in the wrong direction.

I am having so much trouble changing the thumbnail, but anyways Newest render, I added coins, changed the painting to a piece of printed artwork, and tried to add the volumetric lighting (This is my attempt at guessing how to do it)

Semi fixed the chairs shadow doesn’t go far out enough I believe.
I planned on starting to model the person today, but I ended up being more busy than I expected so maybe tomorrow.

Finally got the thumbnail to work :eyebrowlift:


  • Bedside Desk
  • Alarm Clock
  • Alarm Clock Wire
  • Outlet was moved so it was visible in the scene
  • Blue Hanger was added
  • Shirt became purple to be more complimentary with the scene
  • Doubled the defocus on the scene
  • Messed with levels a little

  • Shirt was desaturated
  • Wire was moved to not clip in the floor
  • Curtains were textured
  • Chair Cushion was textured

Looking good. I’m really liking the way you’re keeping at it. BTW, even though I think it looks better without the spots on the floor, I really was just confused as to what they were. If they had been a different color I don’t think that I would have even questioned them. They almost looked like spots of light to me. Anyway, keep it up, this is really coming along.

A new render should be coming up in about 2 hours as long as there doesn’t end up being a flying penny in the scene or something like that, just started it now. Here is what the viewport looks like currently. I tried editing the bed, not sure if it was for better or for worse.

@Xraygunner: Thanks, I readded the spots but there are just a little bit of a different color to give the carper variation (Or so I hope, who knows what Cycles will do with my texture)

  • New Bed
  • Lots of items moved due to new bed (Desk, Clock, Dolphins)
  • Much more saturated carpet then I expected (I plan on definitely tuning this down next render)
  • Top left picture became a drawing
  • Added a sun lamp for more dramatic shadows.

I am going to attach 2 pictures, they have different levels I am curious to see which one people like better (And sorry about the mega-saturated carpet)

I like the bedpost in this version, although it now needs a more visible headrest :smiley: But it is definitely much better. The volumetric light is a nice touch and the shirt texture on a plane is surprisingly believable when it is rendered out.

Further Critiques:

1. The walls are gray where as they should be white.
2. If you can figure out how to do it, curtains with light beams shining through them should be translucent to some degree and scattering the light. They are opaque.
3. With that much light entering the room the lamp seems too radiant to be realistic.
4. The light beams suggest a bright day, but out the window it looks as though it is overcast.
5. The chair cushions are perfectly square instead of rounded.

A Suggestion: You do not have to render the floor every time if you use a holdout shader for everything except the carpet. You will end up with a render that has blank spots for everything except the floor and from there you can render only the furniture on a blue plane. You can then composite them back onto the carpet later in gimp/photoshop/compositor. Using methods like this in the future could save you allot of time.

Thanks Jon, I am applying your critique now, (I will have to wait till tomorrow to go outside and take a picture of that tree again)

Yeah the shirt is a trick I learned from doing some Map-making for some games, basically two planes on top of one another with the same texture, one with more bumps than the other, so it looks 3D.

I don’t know if I could use your suggestion, I wouldn’t be able to catch the shadows if I did it that way.

Followed most of your crits except the Light paths through curtain, (Couldn’t visualize what you were saying)

Added a frisbee, a headrest, moved the mirror, did some sculpting on the pillow, and had to remove the glare node. Also a new outside picture and the window’s material was changed. Also I added the little robot in the windowsill.


Here is an example of three cubes on a blue plane. The background is black because it is a Jpeg but the original PNG had transparency instead. Here you can see how it is possible to make an object transparent and how you can make an object invisible and still retain it’s shadow.

Further Critiquing Your Image:

It looks much better now :yes: The room has a kind of comforting luminous glow. It reminds me of the kind of room that a kid in a nicely illustrated anime cartoon my might live in. The walls still look gray on my screen however. If they were actually white it might add to the luminous feel of the room. If you are not going for photorealism, then I’d say that is the last critique I could give. Definite improvement :cool:

Light Through Curtains


A fabric will not be opaque, it will allow a certain amount of light to pass through them. In other words they are slightly transparent. If you could manage this effect it would add to the realism of the scene.

Thanks, and yes I am not going for full on photorealism, more cartoony but within the grasps of reality.

And thanks for the reference images you two, now I know what is being discussed, and I have to agree with the fact.

Also don’t worry Jon Smith, I plan on adding a character and if it is like other characters I have made it will require pounds of criticism to get it to look right. (I’ve started on the character)

I am face sculpting from scratch, just used Jonathan W’s base head tutorial.

I also added a hat for character (And to hide the fact that there is no eyebrows/hair yet).

The texture on the hat and the head are both just me doodling in texture paint, I plan on going into gimp and working on it when I finish the models.