A room

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All criticism are welcome.


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(morwina) #2

Hi Venay,

here are my notes on your room interior: I think the overall balance of the furniture is OK (a triangle of the chairs, the candleholder and the glass bowl vase). However, the upper half of the image is pure grey, and the thin candleholder is just too small and fragile to fill that space. You might want to get rid some of that space, and crop the image so that the lamp’s hook would be near the top of the image.

The rug has a very nice detailed texture, which needs more emphasis, maybe more contrast against the wooden floor. It might worth to try how the scene looks with a lit candle, or a lampshade casting shadows on the wall.

I like the cool tone and natural materials of the furniture, it definitely has a kind of IKEA feeling to it :slight_smile: