a room

i know it’ s a little bit empty but i can find a kind of meaning.
it still need some work but i wish to know what do you think:



wow looks goooooood… I like the walls a lot…btw is that a procedural for the floor? and what is that little bitty thing down in the bottom right corner of the picture… in the corner of the wall?

I’ll probably make a room that represents what my room will be like when I get my own apartment at UT at Dallas. Right after I make my blender 2.35 splash entry.

tnx 4 the comment.

the floor is not procedural, the texture is from this site:

and thati pinky thing in the corner is one old model of mine, the main actor of this tut (i’m sorry italian only and quite obsolete):

awwwww he’s such a cutie…lol… (oh great here I go making gay comments again!)

Nice, but the vent clashes with the image the way it looks.

Hey, that’s a really neat tutorial you made. I like that guy.

The room’s fairly decent too :wink: I can’t help but feel that there’s something that feels wrong about that painting though. Maybe I’m just expecting a frame on it. I dunno.

he probably meant for the painting to just be a plain canvas… you know…just finished painting that doesn’t have a frame on it yet.

i like the light in the room.
good work,

I love the floor. Nice and glossy. Great for sliding around in your socks.


starts slipping on his blended socks and virtually slides around on the floor… accidentally slides to a window and falls out the window ow.

just some little updates in the first post

I like. I can’t wait until you add some furniture and such to the room…I’m interested in how you model those :slight_smile:

I think your AO settings might need to be tweaked… and secondly, the brightness of the windows does not match the lighting of the room at all. Other than that its really nice :slight_smile:

any suggestion for AO settings?
i agree with you with the windows light.

Well what settings do you have on now? It would be easier to suggest something once I see what you have at the moment. My first suggestion is likely going to be to brighten up the interior if you want the windows to retain that level of exposure.

well here there are:

samples 5
dist 5
use distances “on” 2.00
add “on”
plain “on”
energy 1,5
bias 0,05 (default)

It would be interesting to see what happened if you increased the energy setting and as you know, higher sample settings always look better (unless you’re going for the grainy look on purpose). Try tweaking the distance setting to see which values match the desire look of your scene better. To make this quicker press Numpad 0 and then hit Shift B and select a corner of your scene where AO’s subtle shadowing occurs. Then press F12 and you’ll get a render of only the selected region. Good luck :slight_smile:

tnx for your help, i’ll post new render when i have something better :slight_smile:

it’s nice. But I think you could add an brown area lamp on the floor (pointing up to the ceiling) to simulate color blending on the walls.

regards :wink:

here it is with some update in the light setup and in the forniture.